Diabetes mellitus of 1st and 2nd types, signs, symptoms and treatment

Diabetes of 1st and 2nd type symptoms signs and treatmentDiabetes mellitus is one of the three most common types of diseases after diseases of cardiovascular system and cancer. The annual number of cases in the world increases almost by a half, and causes of this disease can be very diverse. However, it doesn’t matter what is the main factor that led to the disease, and what type of diabetes patient has - you can always help the patient!

What is diabetes?

Diabetes - is a metabolic disorder that occurs due to lack of production of patient's own insulin (diabetes of 1st type), or due to harmful actions of the insulin that affect body tissues (diabetes of 2nd type). Insulin is produced in pancreas, so patients with diabetes are often among those people who have various disturbances in the body's work and work of pancreas.

Patients with first type of diabetes are called "insulin-dependent" - they need regular insulin injections, and very often their disease is congenital. First type of disease usually manifests itself in childhood or adolescence, and this type of disease occurs in 10-15% of all cases.

Diabetes of the second type develops slowly and it is considered "diabetes of elderly". This kind of the disease almost never occurs to children and is usually common among people over 40 which have overweight. This type of diabetes occurs in 80-90% of cases, and is inherited in almost 90-95% of cases.

Main causes of diabetes

Foremost among all causes heredity stands of course: if some of family members had met diabetes, so other one automatically are included in the risk group. However, there are other factors, some may seem quite incredible! Thus, patients with diabetes often found among those who:

Also is necessary to consider that cause of this disease can be in individual cases simple nervous stress, so people who have a predisposition to the disease, should avoid emotional and nervous strain.

Symptoms of diabetes

In fact, what are the symptoms that most often affect different types of diabetes . Of course, in both cases, diabetes can be detected by analyzing of content of glucose in the blood and urine. The quantity of blood sugar should be about 120 mg% (on empty stomach) or 140 mg% (after a meal) in the urine any quantity of sugar shouldn’t be detected. But there are other signs of illness. The symptoms of the disease can be seen and detected by any of listed below signs:

In addition, symptoms of 2nd type of diabetes involve a serious problem with body weight. This disease is often called "diabetic obesity," and it is on its basis you can see the development of the disease.


First of all clearly understand that diabetes cannot be completely cured, so if to patient is promised a "guarantee" for a full recovery, don’t ever believe this words. But do not despair because effects of the disease can be adjusted by each patient! To do this you need to:

also in type 1 of diabetes it may be needed admission of anti-diabetic pills that help the pancreas to produce the right amount of insulin and spend it more productively. In addition, patients with diabetes should do physical exercises, it will improve health and will help to lose weight.

And of course for patients diagnosed with this disease (so far incurable disease) very important aspect is - food. Patients are encouraged to eat as many foods that contain big quantity of fiber and complex carbohydrates, and at the same time to avoid food that has high content of fat and sugar. If this diet is followed carefully, the disease will never bring complications, and it will be much easier to control diabetes for patient and his doctor.