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Zinc in treatment of diabetes mellitusZinc is a chemical element, if to put it in plain English, it is a metal, small quantities of which are useful for human health. It may influence functioning of hormones of hypophysis, blood circulation and work of pancreatic gland. It is needed not only for healthy people, but also for the diabetics too.

All those, who suffer from the diabetes mellitus, know perfectly all symptoms of desired disease. Those are: metabolism disorders, excessive weight, thirst, frequent urination and increase of blood sugar level. The latter depends on how the organism is dealing with incoming glucose and the secreting of enough quantity of insulin. In case patient’s organism is healthy, then insulin is able to neutralize the excessive amount of sugar, otherwise, human body loses the balance and it causes the worsening of health condition.

Therefore to people with diabetes mellitus are prescribed with various vitamins that contain zinc. Besides, it takes part in blood circulation and support the digesting system, it may influence the insulin efficacy and normalize fat metabolism.

Insulin is a unique hormone participating in the tissue metabolism. Its mission is to regulate the blood glucose level. A human suffering from the diabetes mellitus undergoes the surplus of insulin hormones, working insufficiently. Zinc is able to correct this malfunction and metabolism goes normal.

Positive effect of zinc is also its help in wound healing, prevents cholesterol accumulating, allows to overcome sterility and stimulates the functioning of growth hormones.

To make the organism working smoothly, patient has to consume 15 mg of zinc every day in case of diabetes mellitus. This element may be consumed if to include the following products: lamb, beefsteak, pork fillet, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, mustard, milk, eggs and ale-yeast. But in order to obtain the daily dose, there must be more than just these products.

Today any patient may find chelated zinc. It is in capsular or pills and looks like a biological additive. There are also other types of preparations, containing the mineral, but chelated zinc is more effective and it is digested by human organism better. These preparations are digested best of all along with foods rich in vitamin A, calcium and phosphorus.