Kefir diabetes

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kefir diabetesdiabetic Patients forced to follow a certain diet (No. 9). But against it there are a lot of questions. The fact that it was developed still in the Soviet Union, and respectively, in relation to the products that were made then. Therefore, the question of whether or not you can eat yogurt with diabetes, now is really relevant.

Previously this product was sold in glass half-liter bottles or triangular paper bags. Its texture bears little resemblance to the product we purchased is now under the brand name "Yogurt". Hence the misunderstanding, apprehension, inadmissibility of the recommendations of doctors. This is especially true of the older generation.


Yogurt with diabetes required

It really is. It is integral beverage for a person suffering from diabetes. Of course it can replace milk (which perceives not every adult), sour cream (well, why would it eat in the volume), cheese (boring rather quickly, and for the price, very expensive).

Still yogurt and other lactic acid products, which also can, at a stretch, be called yogurt. Because in the process of their creation as there are different types of bacteria, and the final product formed in the process of reproduction.

Conditionally all these products can be divided into two large groups. First, is the one which is not added no more substances. Second, it contains sugar or its substitute (it is a pity that very rarely harmless), flavor (really sometimes pieces of fruit), emulsifiers and stabilizers.

in order to know whether there are kefir (or other fermented milk product) these substances, don't even need to look at its components. Just read the expiration date. Natural product can be stored for only 5 days. When it is created using modern lines, it may increase to 2 weeks. The yogurts that are released in the winter, and you buy them in the summer, by definition, can't be all natural.


how Much can you drink kefir a day if you have diabetes

a Definite answer you can get only from your doctor. As the number of yogurt in the first place depends on the amount of food a day is the norm. As a rule, it is only 220 - 500 gr., and not ml., per day. So if you decide to lose weight, and to sit on the kefir diet, it is possible to do this. The only exceptions are those cases where the physician gives permission to do so.