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yoga diabetesToday, there are many techniques that give the ability to compensate for diabetes, including medication, diet, and dosed physical exercise. For people who suffer from diabetes, it is very useful yoga. For example, Jogging will not give such positive results that occur after the use of gymnastics yoga.

Experts have identified a number of asanas (positions in yoga) that diabetics can do in the Lite version. These asanas can have a positive impact on the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular system, it burns fatty tissue and reduces food intake, also contributes to normalization of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

in Parallel with asanas it is necessary to use pranayama (special breathing exercises). Also the technique of pranayama involves controlling the muscles of the pelvic floor is one of the Wellness techniques of yoga.

the Main task yoga for diabetes mellitus is a stimulation of metabolism, normalization of weight and decreases the insulin levels to normal. It is very important that the performed exercise had a focus on all muscle groups and joints.

Exercises are recommended to perform for fifteen minutes or half an hour, while individually it is necessary to choose a set of exercises. After six weeks, regardless of the age of the patient and stage of the disease, will be a significant improvement. Be aware that physical stress is accompanied by great loss of fluid, so people suffering from diabetes need during the day to drink the required amount of liquid.

diabetes mellitus there is a predisposition to the formation of skin diseases, so that after each yoga session it is necessary to take a warm shower. Also, special attention should be paid to the condition of the feet. During class you should be comfortable shoes and socks without rough seams, since they can cause abrasions and ulcers. Be aware that when doing yoga for diabetes need to adjust diet and insulin doses to avoid hypoglycemia. To avoid a sharp drop of insulin after or before class need to take a dose, prolonged physical activity will need to increase calorie intake and reduce the insulin dose.