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diabetes, unfortunately, is fairly common disease, one signs which is a complex healing process RAS.


Healing leather foot with diabetes

wound Healing in diabetes mellitusthe fact is that elevated blood sugar slowly destroys the body's small blood vessels, this primarily refers to blood vessels in the extremities. This complicates the process of circulation, namely the enrichment of cells with nutrients and micronutrients that are essential for rapid healing of wounds. Ultimately, this can lead to formation of gangrene, the result of years of healing, accompanied by infection, and subsequently to the amputation of the entire limb. The greatest danger for diabetics provide injury legs.

it is Necessary to remember that any, even the most minor cut is needed immediately to process. Even ordinary and seemingly harmless corn can lead to disappointing results. Another disease provided by diabetes is excessive dryness skin, also caused the destruction of the cell. In the toga leather just does not emit the necessary nutrients, and on its surface begin to form cracks, which are also quite difficult heals.


Treatment of wounds in diabetics

the Wounds in diabetes mellitusExperts recommend that when you notice any cuts or lesions skin immediately treated the wound with nitrofurazone or solution of potassium permanganate, which is known for its antiseptic properties. All diabetics wound healing can take place in different ways. There are many cases. When patients sharply increased body temperature, there is swelling and purulent discharge. In this case, washing the antiseptic compounds will not be enough. It is recommended to treat early levamisole, which is draining all unneeded fluids, which speeds up the tightening and wound healing. When the wound is beginning to heal, you must process the affected areas of skin moisturizing ointments that will permanently to fix the effect of treatments.

of Course, people with such diseases as diabetes, worth as much as possible to protect your health and try to avoid even the slightest injuries. For this you need to buy high-quality and comfortable shoes that will not RUB and to promote the formation of calluses and corns. In addition, every day is recommended to examine your skin for the presence of wounds and cuts, and in the case of detection immediately treated.