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diabetic dayworld day against diabetes is an important day that reminds all of humanity that the prevalence of the disease is growing every day more and more. According to historians, she is among the three diseases that most commonly lead to death and disability. The relevance of this issue due primarily to the scale of its distribution. So, for example, to date, registered more than 2000 million cases worldwide. But, according to doctors, this figure is twice more. Thus, every year the incidence of diabetes mellitus increases by 6-7%. For the first time this day against diabetes was held on 14 November 1991.

This date was chosen due to the recognition of the merits of Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin. It 1922, January 11, made a sick person (teenager), who suffered of pancreatic diabetes, the insulin. This was a great achievement of medicine of the last century and won the Nobel prize. And here is not surprising, because thanks to it the mankind has learned to keep control of diabetes.

Thanks to the IDF on world diabetes Day unites 145 countries diabetic society for the purpose of awareness about the complications caused by this disease. However, the IDF is not focusing only on one day, he distributes his activity over the whole year.

day of diabetesAs a rule, begins to mark the world day against diabetes with the performance of doctors and scientists who talk about the negative impact on human health diabetes, about how he shortens life, and how to avoid it. The main purpose of the event is to inform and raise global awareness and prevention, allowing you to identify the disease at early stages. After the official part everyone is free to get checked and find out they get sick with diabetes mellitus or not. Those who suffer from this problem, the Day of the patient with diabetes has the opportunity to attend the REC and to establish which risk group they belong.

Also, many strange administered the "Law On the care for people who suffer from diabetes". According to this law, all patients get free medicines and medical advice. At us, unfortunately, this law is not adopted. Today, however, experts are increasingly raising this question. In fact, many people are not able to regularly buy medicines, resulting in the treated folk remedies, which often do not help but rather worsen the patient's condition.