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diabetesAccording to the testimony of the medical social examination, diabetes able-bodied are considered patients with mild and moderate severity of the disease, which proceeds without complications and severe lesions of the internal systems and organs, and without comorbidities, but provided that the type of work the patient is not contraindicated.

- With diabetes mild contraindicated physical work, which is heavy, and any work associated with industrial poisons. Such patients should not be assigned to business trips and overtime work, night shifts and duty, and work schedule is not reported to be irregular. Another contraindication is an unfavorable climate in which the patient works diabetes.

is the average degree of diabetes there are the following contraindications:

1. Patients who live without insulin, you cannot engage in physical activity of moderate severity, as well as mental labor, which is associated with high nervous and mental stress.

2. Insulin-dependent patients, when the course of diabetes runs unstable, not recommended work by a sudden termination can lead to accidents or to the disruption of the production process is the work on the conveyor or the remote control, with moving machinery, in the hot shop or at the height of the driver, and other similar activities. Such patients can engage in economic or administrative activity, light physical and intellectual work. In some cases it is necessary to reduce volumes of production labor.

3. Patients who have diseased blood vessels in the legs is contraindicated in such activities, which are related to long walking, standing or vibration. And those who have struck the retina, it is impossible to strain your eyes during long time.

in Addition, workers with diabetes need regular treatment in specialized sanatoriums.

Young people suffering from diabetes, it is recommended that vocational guidance and retraining with further rational employment, which should be taken into account that the hypoglycemic condition is dangerous not only to the patient but also the people around him, so working a diabetic should be able to suspend work in order to eat or to injected insulin.