Why a blood test for sugar (glucose) is taken on an empty stomach?

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fasting blood testthe diagnosis of diabetes and mode of insulin therapy and diet in the presence of this disease are blood tests for sugar levels. Why this analysis is done on an empty stomach?

adults and children glucose normal glucose is 3,3-5,5 mmol/l. during the day the rate varies significantly beyond the boundaries of this rule. This is due to normal digestive processes.

After the meal in the bloodstream of a person intensely come simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates after digestion become simple and after a little time also enter the blood. Therefore, the level of sugar in the blood rises significantly, exceeding the 5.5 mmol/l Even after drinking tea with two slices of refined sugar, we add to the body 10 grams of fast-absorbing carbohydrate. It is rapidly absorbed in the intestine and enters the bloodstream, raising the glucose levels. For this reason, the blood sugar is prescribed on an empty stomach from the morning. So eliminating the distortion of the result of sugar absorbed into the blood after eating.

the Blood sugar is taken on an empty stomach from the finger. This analysis is separate, it is not included either in biochemical or in General. Study on glucose levels is the best method of diagnosing diabetes, as this analysis is easy to perform and convenient.

Before analysis on an empty stomach not to eat for at least eight hours. In this period you also drink nothing but water, and also chewing gum.

regarded As the results of the analysis for glucose? If the blood sugar taken on an empty stomach more than 7 mmol/l diagnosed diabetes mellitus. A result between 5.5 and 7 mmol/l may mean that a person has violated tolerance to glucose, which is called prediabetes.

Under normal fasting sugar level and the presence of symptoms of diabetes the doctor can give you direction in oral test glucose tolerance. After fasting the patient may be normal, but after eating the level increases dramatically beyond the norm. And this already indicates diabetes.

the Analysis on glucose tolerance in endocrinology most often appointed in cases where the identified threshold increasing the concentration of sugar in the blood. This test is prescribed to patients included in the risk group, as well as those who dramatically gained weight, became very tired for no reason long been suffering from obesity and atherosclerosis.