Why does diabetes mellitus, features and duration

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why does diabetes mellitusthe Insulin-regulated carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism in the human body. This pancreatic hormone is synthesized in beta cells of the islets of Langerhans. Its role is to stimulate cells to process glucose. Most tissues and organs are able to process glucose only in his presence. With relative or absolute lack of insulin, this is not happening. Glucose is accumulated (stored) in the muscles and liver as glycogen. Diagnosed diabetes mellitus.

Why do I get diabetes?

Genetic (inherited) predisposition is now considered fully proven the reason for the development of autoimmune diabetes. For various disturbances in the immune system, the body begins to produce antibodies that destroy the cells of Langerhans. The level of insulin begins to decline, and blood sugar to grow. The nature of inheritance, thus, is not clear and not understood.

poor diet that includes large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates and low in fiber, generally leads to obesity. The metabolism in the body breaks down, and fat cells can inhibit the action of insulin that's why people get diabetes. Against this background develops idiopathic form of diabetes.

the Instigators of diabetes are considered some diuretics, corticosteroids and hypotensive drugs.

Modern medicine points to the emergence of diseases due to continuous stress on the nervous system of the organism (stress, neurosis), and why you receive diabetes mellitus.

Features of diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is divided into types: 1 insulin-dependent and 2nd ainsliezubaida.

Uncompensated diabetes mellitus and in both of the group causes a variety of complications in the body. Due to persistent high blood sugar begin to suffer small and big vessels of various organs, the nervous system.

Developing retinopathy, blindness, kidney failure. Suffering cardiovascular system. All this is features of diabetes.

Duration of diabetes

1 diabetes type at the moment incurable. Conservative methods of cure diabetes 2 diabetes type also exists.

However, the operation on biliopancreatic bypass surgery in people with obesity, 80% of the cases resulted in getting rid of diabetes 2 type patients. This became a starting point for studies of this technique in patients with normal weight. Therefore, the duration of diabetes cannot be called.