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what causes diabetesa Definite answer to the question, what causes sugar diabetes, does not exist. With confidence we can say only that it is not a contagious disease.

Scientists suggest that the cause of insulin dependent diabetes (first type), is the cessation of insulin production due to destruction of beta-cells. For example, this can occur due to an autoimmune process in the body. Much more common type two diabetes, which because of the excess adipose tissue reduces the activity of the formation of insulin by beta cells.

Hereditary predisposition stands first among the causes of this disease. With regard to the likelihood of heritage of diabetes, different sources present in a percentage of different figures. Although the difference is quite significant, one thing is clear - there is a genetic predisposition, and we cannot ignore this fact, when young people are planning for a family and the birth of a child. If the parents suffer from this disease, they should understand that their children are "at risk", and should change your lifestyle to eliminate factors that influence the development of the disease.

Obesity also leads to diabetes and is considered the second leading cause. This factor cannot make those who are aware of the measure of risk of disease.

There are several disease, associated with damage to beta-cells. These include pancreatitis, various diseases of the endocrine glands and pancreatic cancer. Sometimes the transferred trauma leads to diabetes.

it is Unlikely that people who have suffered a viral infection, whether measles, infectious hepatitis or the flu, gets sick with diabetes mellitus. Another thing, if people are overweight and a bad heredity, for its simple influenza is a certain risk, and complications can lead to diabetes.

Age also takes place in several major causes of diabetes. The older you are the more likely of the disease. Comforted by the fact that with age, genetic predisposition to diabetes is a crucial factor to be cease.

observations of scientists for different groups of patients with diabetes mellitus, allow to warn in the "risk group" people against careless attitude towards their health. Diabetes can be acquired, so this problem affects us all.