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How optimistically claimed that "today all treat", today still there are a number of diseases, which are all physicians of the world for many years, and the solution had to be found. However, diabetes mellitus, fortunately, does not apply to these diseases. However, like many other diseases, it requires individually tailored treatment program, strict compliance with assigned and carry out instructions and recommendations, the exact observance of time of use and dosage of drugs.

once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the first question he'll ask the doctor, will be curable if diabetes? And here the task of the competent doctor is to explain that Yes, the recovery is quite likely, but only with sufficient effort on the part of the patient. For this he should strictly follow the assigned diet, strictly to take pills designed to lower blood sugar levels and also insulin dependent type of diabetes, strict adherence to its application.

The objective result of the success of healing is not the health of the patient, and the results of tests commissioned them.

With all the assignments, in the analysis of urine sugar and the blood sugar figures, put on an empty stomach will be in normal limits. Any relaxation to the patients mode instantly affect the results, and defer the recovery period.

When the insulin dependent type of diabetes it is important to adhere strictly to the prescribed doses. The number of required insulin the doctor selects for each patient individually and this is done with a single purpose: to prevent the complications that can cause increased sugar. Therefore, the patient arbitrarily reduce the dose and rejoicing that may cost a smaller dose of medicine and is on the road to recovery, commits a brutal error: the indicators of sugar of blood is no bounce - complications - and so the circle.

Also make a mistake and those who hope to recover, doing nothing but taking medication.

the fact that the mainstay of treatment and the main key to healing is diet with restriction of consumption of protein and fatty foods. So for those of you who are wondering, will he ever be cured of diabetes, should first answer the question whether they are ready to completely change your lifestyle.