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the hospital in diabetes mellitusGone are the days when a woman had to give birth in the maternity hospital, which was located closest to her home. Now the situation has thoroughly changed. Moreover, the right to give birth wherever they want not only to women who sign a contract for paid labor, but also women who decide to give birth for free. The main purpose of a birth certificate is to choose the hospital that wants a woman. So, how to choose a hospital if You have diabetes?


the Hospital for special purposes

If the woman has any serious disease that can negatively affect the process of childbirth and in the course of pregnancy, it is best to choose a hospital that specializes in this disease, even for this You need to go to another city.

Some difficulties may have to try pregnant, which was seen, for example, pathology of the retina or blood vessels, problems with the kidneys or heart, rhesus-conflict, as well as diabetes. It is vital that at the critical moment, next to the future mother, suffering from diabetes, was the specialist who is profiled in this disease.

it is Desirable that the woman went to the hospital about a couple of weeks before the birth. In this case, it will be in designated areas under permanent "supervision" of an endocrinologist, as well as be able to take the help of other specialists (cardiologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist), have a modern and comprehensive diagnostic testing.

it is Very important that during childbirth and in the postpartum period in a specialized maternity hospital of the woman constantly measure the level of glucose of blood - at the hospital must be the lab. During the delivery when hypoglycemia woman must enter glucose, and hyperglycemia - insulin.


Specialized equipment

a Specialized hospital must have equipment for monitoring of the condition of the child and the expectant mother.

If due to diabetes or other reasons You have been given a caesarean section, the hospital must be the anesthesiologist.

selected In a pregnant woman the hospital must be a Department for blood transfusion, and, necessarily, the pediatric intensive care unit, because, despite the fact that children of mothers suffering from such diseases as diabetes, often are born with very large weight, they are considered premature, and therefore require special care.