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Where to hand over blood on sugar?to blood sugar periodically, it is recommended to all people, no matter if they feel changes in their health status or not. This analysis should be done at least once a year. But if you began to experience fatigue, constant thirst, abruptly onset of weakness, immediately hand over the analysis on glucose levels.

Where can I take the blood sugar? This is done in the laboratory of any clinic, as well as in special laboratories paid clinics, if there are any in your city. It is best to go to the therapist or the endocrinologist in the polyclinic at the place of your residence. The doctor will give you the direction to the analysis of blood and urine for sugar you will be able to pass the next day in the laboratory of the medical establishment.

the Tests are taken in the morning, as the blood sugar in most cases for rent on an empty stomach. Studies of glucose give an accurate result when they are held to the usual diet. So on the day before the test does not try to eat as something special, avoiding sweets and fatty foods, if you normally do them. If the results of the analysis on glucose levels, thanks to your "diet" efforts will be good, but really - when your usual intake - they will be much worse will it benefit your health? Because the goal of analysis is to establish the real picture of what is happening in your body.

medication, pregnancy meal on the day before the analysis can significantly affect the results of the study. If you are taking medication, better to move the blood at a later time. If you had a celebration with a hearty meal and alcohol, the next day from morning to get tested is not worth it. Better to make it through the day.

Where else can you donate blood on sugar? Such studies are public and private laboratories that do a large number of other tests. If you contact a lab, you will set a date and time of the survey. And, most of all, let me remind you that to test for sugar should be fasting. You will have after a not too late dinner the night before analysis, do not eat within 8-12 hours. You can only drink plain, still water. Then in the morning you will be prepared for testing for glucose.

For accurate result in the morning is not recommended even to brush your teeth, just rinse mouth with water. Also you can't smoke and be less physically, because physical activity greatly reduce the sugar level in the blood.