Wheat and wheat porridge in diabetes mellitus

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Wheat porridge in diabetes mellitusWheat lowers level of sugar in blood very well, so it is simply indispensable in the treatment of diabetes. Wheat porridge is full of fiber, which stimulates the intestines and prevents the conversion of sugar into fat. The composition also includes wheat pectin which helps to neutralize the harmful substances, reducing intestinal putrefaction process and heal of intestinal mucosa.

In case of presence of diabetes mellitus it is recommended to eat wheat porridge and stick to a special diet. With the wheat grains can be cooked very tasty and at the same time diet porridges that can help you to reduce your level of sugar in blood. Wheat cereals are essential for patients with diabetes mellitus because they reduce level of cholesterol contained in the blood. In case of diabetes mellitus it is recommended to eat wheat porridge twice a day. Here are a few ways to cook porridge of wheat cereals:

In case of presence of diabetes mellitus these cereals can be used as a diet food. Very good in case of this disease is to cook stew of wheat, and it should be consumed in the diet of wheat bran. They inhibit the growth of blood glucose levels and thereby reduce the need for the application of insulin and of other drugs in case of diabetes mellitus. Wheat bran is very well establishing biliary excretion. In case of diet wheat bran is simply irreplaceable element, because it cleanses the intestines, restores power and prevents course of diabetes. They are usually brewed and the resulting mess, and this product can be added to all types of dishes.

It is also helpful for diabetics to eat wheat germ. In this kind of wheat has no sugar, so it is completely safe for diabetics. Sprouted grains very good normalize thyroid function, thus it simplifies course of diabetes mellitus in patient. Diet for patient with diabetes recommends use of extracts from kernels of wheat germ. To make a drink you’ll need to squeeze wheat and mix grains with water. Then this substance should boil for about 3 minutes and infuse for at least an hour. Be sure to drain it before consumption and good luck.