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What foods reduce blood sugardiabetes mellitus of the second type refers to diseases that are easily prevented, but cannot be cured. The disease creeps imperceptibly and develops with age. The risk group includes all owners of excess weight, lovers of hearty meals, sweet and fatty foods, as well as people leading sedentary lifestyle.

the First symptoms can manifest in the form of constant dry mouth and increased thirst. This is enough for a urgent visit to the doctor. Even if the survey diabetes mellitus is not revealed, you need to think about health, and to include in your diet foods that reduce blood sugar.

If a dreadful diagnosis is still set, we need to completely revise your diet and change eating habits, opting for beneficial foods, lowering sugar in blood and less absorption.

What are these products? First of all, we are talking about plant foods with high fiber content. It prevents the rapid absorption of glucose and thereby reduce sugar level in blood.

This means that the basis of the diet should be such products of vegetable origin, such as eggplants, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and all varieties of cabbage, without exception, radish, turnip, pumpkin and tomatoes. One can prepare salads, first and second courses, adding lean meat and fish, and grain products.

it Should be noted that these products are the basis of national traditions of many peoples in climatic conditions similar to conditions of our country. Our ancestors for centuries adhered to a healthy diet, were able to dispense with fatty sausages, carbonated drinks, semi-finished products of unknown origin and hamburgers. With diabetes mellitus of the second type, caused by banal overeating, are extremely rare.

In fact, this diet reduces the sugar level in the blood, is the most correct and balanced. It has everything you need. When sweet foods you can eat berries and fruit as well as honey together with honeycombs.

For desserts, you can use milk and milk products in pure form, without sugar and various flavor enhancers. You will need to realize that it is not about short-term diet, but a continuing principle of power, which inevitably will not only decrease the level of sugar in blood and will decrease the total body weight, but the years of life will last.