Is it possible to have watermelons in diabetes mellitus

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Red, sweet, green coatWatermelons in diabetes mellitus

sounds like that old riddle about the watermelon. The sweetness of his special and it is created at the expense mainly of fructose. The presence of natural sugar, sucrose and carbohydrates in the large berry contains a very small amount. Mineral-organic composition consists of vitamins C, PP and vitamins of group B, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus.

the Uptake of fructose by the body diabetes occurs painlessly, if its mass does not exceed 30 - 40 grams per day. In these volumes it is even useful to them, so it does not takes insulin, and therefore do not need to be afraid of sugar contained in the flesh.

As a rule, testimonials from diabetics about the use of watermelon, always positive. For example, were replaced with dinner provided per kilogram of sweet pulp. When checking in the morning sugar levels are surprised to discovered it was the norm.

Recommended intake of

On the basis of all data about the benefits of eating this berry revealed that she, like grapes and other fruits blood sugar, in fact, not raises, because the rapid absorption of sucrose and fructose prevent a lot of dietary fiber. Recommended daily intake in the range of 700 - 800 grams, but given the insulin dependence of these boundaries can change, both downwards and upwards.

Based on the fact that the period of eating fresh watermelons lasts, at most, up to two months for the diabetics ought to limit the percentage of other carbohydrate foods than deprive yourself of the pleasure of consumption melons berries. For people with diabetes of the second type, the allowable rate will be sufficient in the 200 - 300 grams of pulp.

Arbisi diabetesUseful content

For all patients with diabetes mellitus undisputed importance is magnesium, which affects the reduction of nervous excitability, relieves spasms occur internal organs, improves intestinal peristalsis action. In addition, he is a month or less reduces cholesterol levels and stops the formation of gallstones.

And one hundred grams of watermelon have 0,224 grams of magnesium. In this volume, magnesium is not found in the product. To satisfy this element of a healthy person it will last only the pulp in the range of 150 grams per day. Naturally, a patient with diabetes, this amount watermelon flesh would be sufficient not only to saturate, but also to provide the body with many useful substances.

Naturally, what to use watermelon such patients should start with small amounts, determining their state of health and blood sugar levels the next day. And in this way it is possible bude to approach the threshold of 1 kilogram, and possibly more.