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Water in diabetes mellitusDetermining factor in treatment of diabetes mellitus timely delivery of insulin in the blood. Acute need for insulin especially feel digestive organs. It becomes a kind of a guide that allows glucose to enter the cells of peristalsis.

Today one of the most controversial question stands about drugs that can significantly accelerate secretion of this hormone and ease the lives of millions of people that suffer from diabetes mellitus. In process of solving of this urgent problem are involved leading minds in the world in domain of medical. But we already know that the safest way that can increase the production of life-saving hormone insulin is a simple mineral water. It contains a number of necessary diabetic agents like magnesium, calcium, fluoride, iron and sodium. Generally, it is remarkable that this simple colorless liquid contains almost all elements of the periodic table.

So what is the effect, which mineral water has on insulin secretion and flow of metabolism? You should know that mineral water helps to normalize the function of the pancreas, and it has a beneficial effect on the water-salt metabolism in patients with diabetes mellitus. It should be noticed that in order to improve patient’s health it should be used only non-carbonated water.

Gases that come in human organism by help of carbonated mineral water in case of presence of diabetes mellitus can affect patient’s health: they may cause bloating, increased gastric acidity and other unpleasant consequences.

Next, let’s take a closer look on kinds of mineral waters and the amount that it is recommended to use in safely and profitably way.

Water in diabetes mellitus1.Mineral water in diabetes. This kind of mineral water is the most indispensable in everyday life. Also this kind of water is required in the preparation of many meals and drinks in home conditions. The most important thing to know about table mineral water is that it is harmless and has no contraindications. On the one hand, this is definitely an advantage and the reason for its use, but it has almost no effect on the treatment of diabetic patients. However, this does not detract merits of mineral water: it is very effective in cleansing of body toxins.

2.Medicinal mineral water in diabetes. Unlike table mineral water, drinking this type should be in limited quantities. Only in this case it will have a positive effect on the body of person that suffers from diabetes mellitus. Failure to comply with proportions in domain of use of medical-table water can cause disorders in water-salt metabolism. However, the advantage lies in its multi-functionality, which comes from its name: patient can consume this drink as a beverage and as a means of prevention or treatment of diabetes mellitus.

3.Therapeutic mineral water. This kind of water has the strongest effect on the patient's diabetes, so it is prescribed only be the attending physician in precise amounts. The salt content in this type of water is about 1000 mg/g, so excess amount of this water can cause serious destabilization of the water and salt balance.

Good luck and protect your health!