Walnuts diabetes, partitions



walnuts in diabetes mellitusIn many countries of Europe the walnut in the official medicine is used for a long time, but only in folk medicine.

Can you eat walnuts while diabetes?

walnuts are not only possible, but necessary to recommend to people with this disease. Composed of walnut contains zinc and manganese, possess hypoglycemic properties. This plant is a General tonic, lowers blood level and glucose and cholesterol.

it is possible to Use the core, as ripe and fried. In addition, the use infusions and tea from the leaves of walnut with diabetes, as well as extracts of the pericarp (walls).

Infusion of leaves of walnut prepares simple: take 1 tablespoon of crushed leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and allow to infuse for 1 hour. Strained infusion of the patient with diabetes mellitus takes 1/3 Cup of infusion before meals three times a day. Tea leaves brewed in the same proportions as infusion. The leaves can be subjected to rapid freezing, then they do not lose the healing properties, and infusion can be eaten almost the entire autumn-spring period until a new "crop".

Tincture of the walnut kernels is the following recipe - 30 kernels crushed pour a liter of alcohol (not exceeding 40°). Tincture is 14 days in the sun, then strain and give to the patient with diabetes mellitus 1 tablespoon before each meal as hypoglycemic agents.

be aware that walnut nuts is contraindicated in any case, people suffering from skin diseases (neurodermatosis, eczema, psoriasis), eczema, allergic disease, urticaria - even a few kernels cause worsening of the disease.


Using partitions of walnuts in diabetes

the partitions of a walnutFrom fruit walls make an aqueous extract of septa from 40-50 nuts pour one Cup of boiling water, and within an hour they tantalized in a water bath. Ready infusion strain and take one teaspoon before meals before each meal.

Good effect of lowering glucose levels gives diabetics the infusion of 500 ml of vodka and 50 g of dry walls, made within 14 days. Reception is carried out three times a day 1 teaspoon a third of a glass of water before a meal.

to Use walnuts in large quantities is not necessary - occurs spasms of cerebral vessels, and as a consequence - headaches.

do Not buy peeled walnuts - no one knows the terms and conditions of their storage, through any number of hands (dirty) they walked until they got to the counter of a shop or market.