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vomiting in diabetesby Vomiting the body rejects harmful substances that junk in it. Process this person uncontrollable, gastric emptying occurs through the mouth, is a reflex. This reflex, like all others, consists of paths towards the brain and in the opposite direction. Women and children vomiting occurs more frequently than adult males, due to the level of emotional excitability and poor vestibular apparatus. In patients with diabetes mellitus, vomiting is associated with pathological changes inside the stomach. The body tries to remove tumors that are happening with the progression of the disease. In addition to her there were still a lot of changes in the normal functioning of organs.

Vomiting in diabetes occurs in exacerbations, which are to increase blood sugar, in the urine increases the content ketones, as well as in serum, from ++ to +++. In turn, vomiting and diabetes often becomes the impetus for the bag, hypernatremia, hyperglycemia. All this phase giperosmoljarnaja condition, which can result in coma. Enough insulin to regulate lipolysis, and this prevents the development of ketoacidosis. All of these consequences leads arbitrarily cancel the injection of insulin or skip for reasons beyond reason.

vomiting is often overlooked, though, it signals quite clearly in DKA. It means the increase of amylase in serum, prepoznaje leads for a long time in the surgical ward or infectious. When retching is necessary to avoid dehydration, water needs in the body to do every hour for one glass, if the Ledger at this point is low, instead of water you can use sweet drinks, especially when food arrived nothing in the body. Ketone bodies in the urine should be checked more often, every 3 hours is measured by GC in the blood.

the Doctor is required when incessant vomiting, high temperature, high ketone. She, along with pain in the abdomen, indicating the occurrence of ketoacidosis. In diabetes the sugar should be measured frequently with vomiting, if it starts after eating, sugar in the beginning will decrease, because the insulin, the carbs are still missing. Vomiting leads to dehydration which is very harmful. If vomiting does not stop long, need to take Rehydron, mineral water or sodium chloride solution. Diabetes vomiting condition does not improve, as in other cases. Gradually increase drowsiness and lethargy, resulting in loss of consciousness.