Vision in diabetes mellitus, treatment and loss

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Vision in diabetes MellitusIf your vision has deteriorated, there were dark spots or clouding visibility, you should immediately pass examination by an ophthalmologist. Most cases of diabetes are diagnosed by examination of eye fundus. About 170 million people suffer from this disease. A considerable part of them is exposed to eye diseases, which lead to blindness.

People with diabetes mellitus should be especially careful in monitor of their vision. According to statistics, this disease is the most common cause of blindness for people aged between 20 and 74 years. Also it is one of the main causes of invalidity.

High probability of vision loss is observed with a long course of the disease and also in diabetes of moderately and severe forms.

Loss of vision in diabetes

In diabetes blood vessels are in much worse condition in whole body, including the eyeball too. Vessels are destroyed and new ones that are formed in their place are very fragile. Excess of water that is required for the body of diabetics also affect vision, causing clouding of the eye crystalline lenses.

The main causes of vision loss in diabetes are cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy. Sometimes, the symptoms of visual impairment don’t manifest with existing diseases. This occurs when the blood vessels in the eye are destroyed without affecting the quality of vision or in very early stages of the disease.

Are exposed less to the processes of visual impairment patients with diabetes mellitus of 1st type, especially children and people suffering from this disease less than five years. The more diabetes lasts, the more possible is appearance of eye diseases.

Treatment of eye diseases in diabetes mellitus

If you will notice bad changes just in time, you can restore sight, just by controlling of blood sugar level twice a day. Often, doctors prescribe eye drops and other medications. In a more complicated clinical course there’s a need of surgery. Usually in surgery is applied modern laser equipment. Operations are carried out under local anesthesia. After the patient gets some limitations: he cannot lift weights and do major physical activities.

Vision problems, sooner or later catch up with each patient with diabetes mellitus. But you can significantly delay the onset of disease. You should to monitor regularly the level of sugar, keep up diet and complete annual examination by an ophthalmologist and an endocrinologist.

Diabetes mellitus is a big threat to vision!