The vessels in diabetes mellitus

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vessels in diabetes mellitusdiabetes mellitus is a terrible disease. The danger lies in complications arising, leading to the development of comorbidities. So diabetes is often observed atherosclerotic vascular disease. Early and rapid development atherosclerosis in diabetic patients is associated primarily with impaired lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

diabetics often observed their heavy defeat, leading in turn to serious complications, which develop abnormalities in kidney function, occurs heart attack and the stroke, there is deterioration of, the approaching threat of gangrene limbs and other ailments.


the reasons for the defeat of vessels in diabetes mellitus

the Probability of their lesions associated with duration of the disease, high blood pressure, Smoking, lack of exercise, error in diet (consumption of carbohydrate and fatty foods).


Prevention of vascular lesion

these or other complications of diabetes are inevitable. However, if you persistently pay due attention to their health, strictly to adhere to the doctors recommendations, concerning the prevention of cardiovascular disease, development of vascular lesions is possible to delay, and at quite a considerable time.

you Must follow the pulse of a major artery (in the inner ankle, hip, wrist, behind the knees).

Watch for the duration of the walk, not soreness in the legs, skin changes such as pale skin, loss of hair on lower extremities, the formation of ulcers. To note the change sensitivity: an unusual sensation of strength and weakness.

tests the condition of vessels that is prescribed by the doctor (ultrasound of the heart, coronary angiography, angiography of the lower extremities, and kidney and away).

to Observe the prescribing physician: medication, correcting the glucose level in blood, protect the blood vessels from damage. Be sure to stick to your diet. To perform the activities foreseen for the General prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


Treatment of affected vessels in diabetes

vessel building diabetes mellitusthe Treatment is reduced mainly to the intake of pharmacological agents and diet. It allows you to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipid, prevent the formation of blood clots.

When retinopathy perform laser surgery, isseka beam affected the vessels that are the cause of visual impairment. With the defeat of the peripheral arteries, leading to the formation of ulcers on the legs, to carry out surgical treatment ulcers and prescribe antibiotics. To prevent gangrene and restore the blood supply in the legs perform angioplasty and stenting, endarterectomy, or bypass grafting.


the cleansing of the vessels in diabetes mellitus

to Clean them with broth of Bay leaves, which is drunk for three days. For the preparation of one daily serving take 5 grams of Bay leaf, fill it with 300 ml of boiled water, put on small fire and boil 5 minutes, without closing with a lid. Then the water together with the Bay leaves are poured into a thermos for brewing, which lasts 4 hours. Infusion is filtered. The whole broth to drink immediately, because that may open bleeding. Healing drink divided into small portions to be consumed in half a day. Make sure to do daily enemas (prevention of allergies). After three days of taking make a week break, followed by repetition of the course. In the first year cleaning of vessels should be repeated 4 times, in subsequent years, only one cleaning.