Vegetables in diabetes mellitus: are they allowed and what of them are useful?

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Vegetables in treatment of diabetes mellitusPeople that suffer from diabetes mellitus should be very choosy in their diet to compensate the carbohydrate metabolism. Another task in case of treatment of this particular disease is normalization of patient’s body weight, which is why the diet of any patient with diabetes mellitus should contain vegetables. Most of them have low glycemic index and, as a result, they may be used as daily foods or in composition of some dishes. In addition to all facts listed above vegetables have low calories and this fact allows their consumption in big quantities. Vegetables contain a lot of food fiber, that stimulates stomach activity and improves patient’s overall health condition.

Potatoes have a lot of starch so that kind of vegetables cannot be considered useful for diabetics.

Eggplants instead do not increase the sugar level and also that they can wash away cholesterol and extra liquid. Eggplants help to avoid edemas in case if patient’s heart is weak. When fried, eggplants are not very useful because they soak a lot of oil and get big caloric value, that is why it is better to boil or stew them.

White cabbage must be presented on a diet list of every person with diabetes mellitus. It has a lot of diet food fiber and it may be eaten it in any form – cooked or stewed. Sour cabbage is highly useful because its juice helps to decrease the blood sugar.

A bit rare vegetable - artichoke – contains natural inulin, a substance that normalizes blood sugar level, decreases cholesterol quantity and prevents formation of sclerotic plaques. It is highly useful for consumption by diabetics in any form - fresh, stewed or even pickled.

Cucumbers do not contain starch, but they have hydroxy-inalonic acid that helps to strengthen blood vessels. For people suffering from diabetes mellitus is required strengthening of blood vessels’ sides.

Marrows contain high level of harsh fiber so they are good for people suffering from different kinds of edemas.

Carrot and beet must be limited in diet; in case if they are cooked, they increase level of blood sugar. It is recommended to eat them fresh.

Green vegetables as spinach, onion, salad, tomatoes and garlic do not affect level of blood sugar and they are useful as low caloric products.

It is recommended vegetables to be consumed in big quantities - ca. 300 gr a day, in combination with other products. Warning, fresh vegetables may irritate bowels, that is why it is necessary to combine dishes from fresh, cooked, stewed or steamed foods.