Itchy vagina with diabetes (genitals, perineum)

Itchy vagina


itchy vagina in diabetes mellitusdiabetes, both the first and second types - a systemic disease that causes changes in the functioning of the whole organism. The first affects the smallest blood vessels - capillaries, arterioles. Such lesions are called angiopathy.

the perfusion of the skin and mucous membranes that occurs due to angiopathy in diabetes mellitus, leads to reduced delivery of nutrients to these tissues. Low power, in turn, causes the following changes:


One of the manifestations of microcracks and infections of the mucous membranes of the perineum and vagina women is itching, which for a long time may be the only manifestation of diabetes, particularly of type II diabetes.

In rare cases, the cause of itching in the perineum and vagina can become allergic reactions to medications used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and its complications.


Prevention and treatment of vaginal itch with diabetes

the Best way to prevent or delay the emergence of itching of the vagina diabetes is hygiene genitals.

the First thing you should pay attention to is choice of underwear. Underwear should be from 95-100% cotton, loose enough not to RUB or damage the delicate skin in the inguinal region and the perineum.

the Second paragraph is the obligatory daily change of underwear.

Daily wet care the inguinal region, and perineum in patients with diabetes mellitus has its own characteristics. It is recommended to use mild pH-neutral detergent with a softening effect. Use detergent with antiseptic action is only valid if there are signs of infection and inflammation.

If itching is still there, you should not self-medicate. It is better to seek the help of specialists - gynecologists and dermatologists who will choose the necessary treatment and monitor its effectiveness.