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vaccine for diabetesdiabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder, it occurs due to the lack of a single hormone. According to statistics, now in Russia it is registered more than three million people and this number is only growing. Of course, this is bad, because diabetes has become a disease of children and adolescents.

Many diseases can be prevented or alleviate their course, it makes the vaccination, but, unfortunately, vaccines for diabetes not yet, but under development.

many countries are conducting research and development of vaccines against diabetes. Some research institutes of the world conducted the first experiments.

So, in Switzerland the company Diamyd Medical AB conducted a pilot study of a vaccine against diabetes. The tests were carried out both on animals and on humans. The results showed that the result is positive, the vaccine greatly helps and almost does not cause side effects.

Scientists from Israel are working on this issue quite successfully. They have conducted clinical research that has identified a protein responsible for the work of the pancreas and insulin production. Experimental vaccination of adults gave a significant improvement in the condition, so insulin consumption decreased significantly. In children, unfortunately, any positive effects from the drug were observed. To date, tests are carried out in young children of preschool age. Then the drug DiaPep277 plan to release.

In Sweden, as in many countries, conduct research on the development of diabetes. Scientists suggest that this vaccine will be able to withdraw within three years. Perhaps after the introduction of the drug, have to use insulin, but not in such quantities.

Medical College of Baylor in the USA presented their research at the Congress of the Endocrine society. Trials of the drug, was conducted on laboratory mice showed that the genetic vaccine was effective in 78%. And the remaining 20% had a different development and course of the disease.

As you know, science is not static, therefore there is hope that in the near future a vaccine for diabetes will be mass available. It is possible, at least one group of scientists will be able to withdraw the necessary drug that make life easier as ill and people at risk.