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urine therapy diabetesdiabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that is determined by the violation of all types of metabolism, most often, lack of insulin in the body. A major role in causing the disease plays a heredity. To appear diabetes may, after injury, infections, inflammatory processes, trauma, overeating, sclerosis of the vessels of the pancreas.

At the initial stage of the disease immediately resort to medicines not worth it. First we need to cleanse the body to clean the blood, colon, liver, and if it is necessary to clean the kidneys, connective tissue, using urine (urine). Then you need to change some bad habits that Deplete the body. Next, you need to calm down on the emotional level. You must reassess your diet and make changes, all products that you use should be natural. You must also comply with the daily routine and make simple physical exercises, until, until you see little beads of sweat.

the Use of urine therapy for diabetes mellitus prevents excessive excretion of mineral salts. You can also more often than usual to take a warm bath to lubricate the skin of the whole body with olive oil. Together with these procedures must be applied Shank Prakshalana up to three times per week diluting a small amount of liquid, about 1.5-2 liters. Shank Prakshalana is a process, pushing water through the intestines and exit through the anus, using special exercises.

At the initial stage of the disease, you can undertake fasting on urine for one to two weeks. Sometimes fasting helps to quickly restore the function of the pancreas. Out of fasting is necessary for sour milk.

to Fight diabetes simple procedures of urine therapy:


In some cases, unstarted enough to take the urine therapy every morning, to a complete cure. You can also alternate between fresh and evaporated urine.

folk medicine has left another interesting option for the treatment of diabetes with urine therapy. You need the morning to drink the urine of her child, and 5 minutes later - fresh milk. This option is suitable for those who have no problems with the digestibility of milk.