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diabetes mellitus type 2 insulin dependentdiabetes mellitus type 2 insulin dependent (diabetes or the elderly) has a feature, compared to youth, to settle in the body suddenly. Basically people with this disease can live for years and not know that they are concerned about diabetes mellitus type 2, which can be found by accident. So, coming to the optometrist because of decreased vision, you can see that actually there is a gradual onset of diabetes, and as a consequence of myopia. Thirst patients with the second type do not suffer - get used to it quickly, and to lose weight believe to your happiness because excess weight is a big problem with this disease. In this regard, treatment of insulin dependent type 2 diabetes needs to start with strict diets.

During weight loss on a cellular level getting rid of excess fat, thereby achieving a sensitivity to the personal insulin produced obese people in sufficient quantity. When insulin is working, the sugar will rush to the cells, and thereby reduce their quantity in the blood. In the case when the diet fails to bring the patient to the desired sugar level, the doctor should be prescribed special medications in pill form (maninila, gliben-lamide, gliclazide, minidiab and other).

there Are cases that the second type of diabetics can't lose weight while sitting on a strict diet and take the treatment in the form of sugar-reducing pills. In such patients, the blood sugar is not normal, because their own insulin produced by the body, is not enough. In this case, only insulin injection and the patient becomes insulin dependent.

after a few years, some patients type 2 diabetes, without injections of insulin can not do, and, in this case, such patients patient card is marked: "diabetes mellitus type 2 insulin dependent". So the patient becomes insulinopotrebny. But the dosage of the injections for these patients can be significantly lower than in patients with the first type of diabetes. This is the norm.

Very often, when patients believe that the doctor assigns a so-called ineffective treatment, and they are in search of a doctor-Savior turn to another specialist. Thus, more time is spent on new surveys, to obtain analyses for purposes of treatment new doctor. When insulinopotrebny diabetes type 2 diabetes time is not the benefit of the patient because it is uncontrolled disease that could cause harm in the shortest possible time. Therefore, before choosing one or another endocrinologist, to avoid excessive complications, take the right decision, opting for only a professional specialist.