Diabetes mellitus type 2 decompensation and compensation

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Decompensation and compensation


diabetes mellitus type 2 decompensationAs treatment diabetes type 2 reduced only to the confrontation of decompensation and retention and maintenance of compensation, in this article, both conditions will be considered in the complex.

the patient's Condition is diabetes, wherein the glucose in the blood exceeds the permissible limits, and the location in various complications related to excess sugar in the blood, the most beneficial is referred to as decompensated diabetes mellitus (decompensation).

the condition of the patient with diabetes mellitus type 2, in which the level of glucose in the blood does not exceed acceptable standards, and the complications caused by excess sugar in the blood, minimally - called compensated diabetes mellitus (compensation).

Task a patient with type 2 diabetes to maintain blood sugar level of compensation. This is not an easy task. Moreover, almost always, the patient is alone with the disease. To make decisions in the course of treatment have myself, endocrinologist, which could suggest and advise, not close.

the Decision to change the diet, and even the dosage of insulin, in the case of decompensation of type 2 diabetes, stress, for example, have to accept yourself. Therefore, the patient with diabetes mellitus constant monitoring of blood sugar is essential.

And here plays a huge role controlling the correct application of methods and schemes. From the correctness of their application depends on the health, Yes, and life itself, of the patient. First of all, it regular tests at home and in the laboratory. Analyses limited to the control of blood sugar levels and glucose and acetone in the urine.

Perfect control of blood sugar - 4-5 times a day. This means on an empty stomach, after every meal and before bedtime. But since this measure of control not available to many, talking about it makes no sense. Except to mention that such control exists. The vast majority of control of blood sugar in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before sleep will be just right.

Another would be very desirable to measure the blood sugar level after dinner, an hour later. If not every day then at least a couple times a week. Well, of course, if decompensation is there really more often, depending on the state.

There is subcompensated diabetes - state between compensation and decompensation. This state, too, requires special control.

Glucose acetone in urine in compensation it is advisable to check at least once a month. In the other two States - depending on the level of sugar in the blood.