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diabetes type 1 symptomsIn the course of the disease diabetes mellitus divided into two types, but they have similar symptoms. the Common symptoms for diabetes type 1 2nd:


For diabetes type 1 these symptoms are considered to be the most characteristic. In most cases the patient can tell the exact date of the beginning of symptoms. The development of type 1 diabetes is accompanied by secondary symptoms, which are peculiar to patients:


Distribute signs by type of diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes type 1 - the key features are: dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination, irritability, fatigue, lost a lot of weight, sometimes nausea and vomiting.

Secondary signs of type 1 diabetes are: heart pain, irritability, itchy skin, boils, cramps in legs feet, headaches and sleep disorders.

In type 2 diabetes. Primary symptoms: numbness, cramps of hands and feet, itching, the feeling of constant thirst, impaired vision, poor wound healing, fatigue, decreased pain sensitivity, weight gain, in men, low potency, etc. secondary symptoms: loss of hair growing on the legs and a growth on the face, the appearance on the body yellow growths (xanthomas).