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diabetes type 1 life expectancydiabetes type 1 is presently incurable disease, the number of cases which can be up to 10% of the total number of diabetes patients. The disease is due to dysfunction of the pancreas resulting in insufficient insulin secretion and increase blood sugar levels. As a rule, diabetes develops at an early age.

diabetes Treatment type 1 is in the strict observance of diet, certain physical exercises, adequate and timely application insulin therapy.

forecast for the life expectancy of the patient with diabetes mellitus type 1 are below average. 45-50% of patients die within 37-42 years after onset of chronic renal insufficiency. Using 23-27 years aterosclerose patients develop complications, leading to death from stroke, gangrene, after the amputation, ischemic lesions of toes or ischemic heart disease. Independent risk factors for premature death are neuropathy, arterial hypertension, etc.

to prevent and slow the progression of the disease, improve the flow of existing complications, required tight control over the sugar level. When this condition of initial remission occurs every fourth patient with type 1 diabetes. In the period of primary remission that lasts according to forecasts from 3 months to half a year (in rare cases up to 1 year), General condition is stabilized and markedly reduced the need for insulin.

Proved that diabetes progresses gradually subject to the rational worker and the household mode. Therefore, for patients with diabetes is vital to avoid physical overload and emotional stress, fosters development of the disease. It is very important continuously maintain target values of diabetes type 1 diabetes, making acute complications of the disease develop much later. To minimize the risk of complications in type 1 diabetes, requires daily glycemic control, maintaining level of hemoglobin in the blood and timely change dosage insulin. All of the above strongly affects the life expectancy of patients.

the Prognosis on the life expectancy of the patient with diabetes mellitus type 1 depends on several factors, including timely identification of the disease, its degree of severity, correct diagnosis and treatment, the patient's age. Unfortunately, every second person with diabetes, not live to middle age. Although, if you maintain a normal level of glucose in blood and to block the development of diabetes related complications, the quality and life expectancy increases.