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diabetes type 1 occurs in children predominantly between the ages of one to six years. Occurs this type of diabetes if the pancreas stops producing insulin. Diabetes very high blood sugar.

the First thing to do if your child has identified diabetes is to keep calm, and gradually accustom him to the fact that life will be different from other children's lives. The main objective is to teach the child to take care of themselves, and to understand how diabetes threatens. Just be sure to support your child, but, in any case, don't let the fact that he considered himself flawed.


Causes of type 1 diabetes in children

the Main reason is the violation of the functions of the pancreas. This may be due to pancreatitis or even stressful to the body of the baby situation. Also diabetes can be caused children hormonal changes and heredity.

diabetes mellitus type 1 requires constant intake of insulin, in other words, the pancreas does not produce insulin at all.

the Symptoms of type 1 diabetes in children:

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As you know, the best way to avoid disease is to prevent it. If you (or close relatives in a straight line) there are cases of diabetes mellitus type 1, should pay attention to prevention - the fact that diabetes is often inherited. To prevention include:

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Treatment of diabetes of the first type in children

Children with diabetes can lead a quite normal life, but still there are several conditions:


Treatment of the first type of diabetes in children should be an endocrinologist. The first type of diabetes is very dangerous, so the risk is not necessary, especially when it comes to children. Be sure to strictly observe the doctor's instructions.