Diabetes mellitus type 1 complications

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diabetes mellitus type 1 complicationsdiabetes is very dangerous, and, as was believed until recently, a fatal disease. Today, however, it can be successfully treated, and that diagnosis was no longer a death sentence. However, it is worth remembering that the disease diabetes is not so dangerous, a serious threat to the life of humans may be caused by them complications. With the increased level of sugar in the blood many diseases develop much faster than in a healthy person. The main cause of complications in type 1 diabetes, is damage of the peripheral nervous system and blood vessels. A network of capillaries envelops the whole body; the highest concentration observed in the lower extremities, retina, and kidney. So while diabetes may be particularly vulnerable to the soles of the feet, eyes and kidneys.

diabetes mellitus type 1 may be an additional cause of such diseases:


Caused by diabetes mellitus type 1 complications must be constantly controlled by specialist. Their treatment may consist in the reception of drugs or surgery. The observance of certain rules for patients with type 1 diabetes will help to avoid serious complications of the disease:


the sooner treatment is started any resulting from diabetes mellitus type 1 complications, the more successful will the results of this treatment.