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Turmeric in diabetes mellitusTurmeric belongs to ginger family, and its powder is used not only as a spice for various dishes. Its healing qualities have been known for many centuries in the Eastern traditional medicine, while recently it is recognized for its healing qualities in the whole world. Turmeric is helpful in treatment of diabetes mellitus because it is able not only to decrease blood sugar level, but it helps to fight an excessive weight too.

Turmeric is able to normalize the diabetics' hypertension and it protects blood vessels from atherosclerosis, decreasing the risk of its appearance; moreover, it helps to stop atherosclerosis progress and development or its appearance.

It is useful to consume turmeric in case of cold-related and chronic diseases as it helps to clean the blood and stimulate work of immune system.

Besides, turmeric works as a strong antibiotic, but unlike chemical medications, it does not affect micro flora of digestive tract. Instead, it promotes the micro flora activity and thus it helps to improve patient’s digestion. This spice is effective for washing away liver toxins, that improves condition of whole organism.

Turmeric in diabetes mellitusThe essential oil can activate the secretion of fel, which is helpful for cholecystitis preventing.

Turmeric consumption, due to its qualities, is helpful to fight an excessive weight; it decreases desire to eat fat and sweet dishes. It normalizes metabolism; additionally, it is able to correct not only excessiveness, but also insufficiency of metabolism processes and also helps to digest proteins.

Curcumine is able to decrease level of blood cholesterol and normalize the blood composition; it not only cleans the blood, but also stimulates the secretion of erythrocytes and decreases absolute level of thrombocyte.

Thanks to its toxin excreting abilities, it is advised as an addition to dishes during continuous medical treatment or very intensive treatment as well as in case of chemical and insecticide intoxication.

Owning this row of healing qualities, turmeric in diabetes mellitus treatment is not only decreasing the blood sugar level, but it also helps to improve overall health condition.

In addition, constant consumption of this spice helps to escape appearance of diabetes mellitus.