Trophic ulcers at diabetes on the feet, wounds and their treatment

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trophic ulcers in diabetes mellitusthe Emergence of trophic ulcers on his legs when diabetes due to the defeat of the walls of small blood vessels and nerve endings that arise due to violation of metabolic processes in tissues, as well as the lack of oxygen and excess of toxic products of metabolism of carbohydrates. To provoke the occurrence of ulcers can microtrauma, fractures, abrasions, burns and even a bad pedicure. As a result, non-healing wounds, which are localized, usually on the toes and heels. The risk of trophic ulcers is that it is able to deepen and expand and can lead to gangrene, until amputation.

the Treatment of venous leg ulcers in diabetics should be made with the developmental stage of the wound healing process and should be monitored by your doctor. As a rule, the patient is assigned to bed or polupostelny regime, protein diet, enriched with minerals and vitamins, as well as monitoring of blood sugar levels.


Stage of treatment of trophic ulcers (wounds)on the legs with diabetes

stage of emergence of trophic ulcers in diabetes suggests a General treatment which consists in the correction of blood sugar, as the purpose of injections of vascular drugs and remedies that can improve the trophism of the affected tissues of the ulcer and tissue around it. At this stage it is necessary to stop the progression of ulcers. The wound edges require regular treatment with an alcohol antiseptic solution and thorough rinsing with an aqueous solution of an antiseptic. After that it is superimposed on a gel the drug, designed to accelerate the healing of ulcers and improve nutrition of its tissues.

At the stage of cleansing ulcers in diabetes mellitus continue common vascular and venous therapy and constantly monitor the sugar level in the blood. The ulcer treatment is carried out by washing with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, do daily foot baths with potassium permanganate. To remove plaque from the wound using dressings with the special cleansing gel, alternating with bands on the basis of the feeding gels.

At the stage of healing of leg ulcers priority remains the use of gels and ointments. The gel is applied only on areas open bleeding wounds, and ointment on those areas that dry up and on the edge of the ulcer. Ligation should be done until healing is complete.

it is possible the application at all stages of the development of trophic ulcers in diabetes, the use of non-pharmacological therapies, namely, extracorporeal shock wave therapy, current d’'arsonval, laser blood irradiation, ozone therapy, UBI and girudoterapii.