Treatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections in diabetes mellitus



flu diabetes treatmentARI and influenza diabetes mellitus worsen the General condition of the patient and can cause increased blood sugar levels. This is due to the fact that the body produces substances that help fight infection, and at the same time impeding the action of insulin. Consequently, type 1 diabetes can develop a dangerous condition is ketoacidosis. If type 2 diabetes, you may experience a diabetic coma (also known as necklacesa hyperosmolar coma). This clinical syndrome is especially dangerous for seniors.

In the treatment of influenza or ARI, it is important to monitor the blood sugar level and check it every 3 hours and even more. Knowing the level of sugar, you will also be able to take the necessary measures in the case that it will increase.

to Eat during illness regularly. Often during a common cold or flu diabetes patient does not feel hunger, in spite of this, there is still need, at least very small portions. American diabetologists recommend that every hour to drink a small amount of food containing carbohydrates, the sugar levels fell too low.

At a high temperature, diarrhoea or vomiting should every hour to drink a glass of fluid, preferably in small SIPS. This must be done necessarily, as for influenza diabetes is characterized by dehydration. If the sugar level is too high, it is better to drink ginger drink that contains no sugar or ordinary drinking water.

as for drugs for treatment of acute respiratory infections, which can be purchased without a prescription, bear in mind that they can contain sugar, so when buying please examine carefully the ingredients of the medication. Soluble drugs, as a rule, contain sugar in large quantities and are not suitable for diabetics, so be careful. For high blood pressure should not take medications that contain decongestants, as they can increase the pressure even more. If you have any doubts about a medication, consult your doctor.

to Avoid Contracting the flu can help careful hygiene. Wash your hands thoroughly and ensure that this is regularly done by all family members. This will help prevent the spread of viruses. Special flu vaccine for diabetic patients, unfortunately, does not exist. If you decide to vaccinate, consult a doctor and find out if it can be done in your case.