Treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus



exercise in pregnant women with gestational diabetes diabetomGestational diabetes is extremely pregnant women. It is characterized by metabolic disorders, in particular the perception by the body of carbohydrates, and causes the same rise in blood sugar, as in diabetes. Good news is that the disease covers a small number of expectant mothers is about 5%. And after pregnancy the gestational diabetes goes away. But, while the girl in the situation, and the disease became manifest, treatment should be carried out.

Tablets and other pharmacy medicines will not help, and it is impossible to use women in this position. What remains? In the first place - diet. Your personal doctor or nutritionist determines the type of diet that reduces the consumption of "bad" carbohydrates - sweets, pastries, white flour, etc.

Pregnant girls at the same time for the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus and pregnancy should monitor their weight to gain the optimum body weight. If one nurtures the child, the woman needs to gain about ten pounds. In the case of carrying twins - about 16 kg.

During the diet, as mentioned above, it is necessary to refuse from sweet and fat. Replace animal fats with vegetable - olive, sunflower, sesame, corn oil, nuts (well they cope with hunger and have a positive effect on the digestive system). Still need to lean on bread made from bran, oatmeal and some cereals. Consumption of rice, like potatoes, should be limited, because they have a lot of starch, which can improve blood sugar levels.

Regarding fruits also have recommendations. It is better to consume them fresh and in small quantities. Juice from fruits is less secure (especially shopping). But vegetables are an easy and wholesome food. But here, too, need to know. In General, do not overdo it, and then you'll feel great.

the Next step in treatment - the patient is gestational diabetes diabetes - exercise. But do not take dumbbells of 10 kg, and the parents ahead of time in the gym. The degree of load is also determined by your doctor. Still, it is better to know what fits you, so don't take chances and don't point your finger at the sky and listen to the recommendations of the expert.

If you do not help these methods, a woman with gestational diabetes are sent to the treatment of intensive insulin therapy. A set of procedures consists in the introduction into the organism of a pregnant woman the dose of insulin. It helps the body to cope with carbohydrates and resume metabolism.