Treatment of diabetes mellitus by kerosene

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Kerosene in diabetes mellitus treatmentThe questions of diabetes mellitus in boundaries of modern life have grown into world level problem. Many talented doctors and pharmacologists invest a lot of efforts to treat the disease quickly and effectively, but, as the practice shows, there is no success in this direction. This is the main reason why many people, especially on the ex-USSR territory are trying various traditional medical remedies .

One of such remedies that is used in treatment of diabetes mellitus is, of course, the aviation kerosene. Many doctors and healers of traditional medicine advice to follow this method. The recipe is rather simple. Ideally, patient has to take one spoonful of aviation kerosene and drink after it a half of teaspoon of sea-buckthorn or sunflower oil.

Of course, it is unpleasant in taste procedure, especially in the fasted state, can stand far not everyone man. Just because of this reason, there is an alternative method. One variant says that about 15 drops of kerosene should be placed on a bit of sugar. This facilitates the intake, but the effect will be decreased, too. Some experts advise to use a boiled water solution of kerosene: one teaspoon for 10 drops of healing liquid, and take this medication two hours after the breakfast.

It is necessary to understand that far not all kinds of kerosene may be used in treatment of diabetes mellitus. In most cases it must be filtered. There are few methods to do that. Here is one of the simplest, but very effective though. The aviation kerosene, ideally, is poured into a pot, after that, there must be placed a lot of salt ('Extra' brand, i.e. very pure). Solution should stand still for a day. Then solution should be filtered using gauze, but without stirring the salt as it must absorb the most of contaminants. Good luck.