Treatment of diabetes mellitus propolis

Bee pollen
Royal jelly


diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the body does not produce enough insulin, soPropolis in diabetes mellitus increases the blood sugar level. Treatment is based on the artificial introduction into the body of a missing hormone. But nature here and took care of us and gave tools that are perfectly struggling with "high sugar".


Propolis diabetes treatmentcooking Methods

About this time the bees took care to overcome the disease folk medicine offers an infusion of propolis. For it need 13 g of finely chopped propolis and 90 g of 70% or 96% ethyl alcohol. Components mix and insist in a dark place for 14 days, it is advisable to use a dark bottle and shake periodically. On the 15th day of the tincture should be applied under the scheme. Apply three times a day before meals, start with one drop, which is mixed with one tablespoon of milk, and bring to 15 drops (add one drop a day). Usually milk add drinks if the infusion is a child and an adult may use no mixes or additives. Drink 15 days increasing dose and 15 days leading up to a drop and then make a break for two weeks and repeat. This treatment is used not more than 6 months. The treatment was effective and brought results is necessary by infusion back to follow a special diet and stop drinking the medication. The diet is as complete refusal of confectionery products, sweets, pungent, spicy, pork and mutton fat, alcoholic beverages, banana, grapes raisins, honey, and sugar to eat only after consultation with your doctor. On the contrary, it is recommended to enter into the diet of the hips and brewer's yeast to the diet was rich in vitamins and trace elements.propolis Treatment of diabetes

the same properties as propolis has Royal jelly it can be bought in pharmacies, it is contained in the drug "Apilak". It should be used within 30 days, also three times a day after meals for 10 ml.

After a month of treatment the results show that the overall condition improves, decrease the blood sugar levels at 2-4 Вµmol/l, weakness, glycosuria, nocturia, polyuria, and reduced the intake of insulin.

According to the research results propolis perfectly restores the immune system and gradually corrects the broken system.

nature Itself health and to use and use.