Treatment of diabetes of the second type (2 type). How to treat? Is it possible to cure?

Meals with type 2
Decompensation and compensation


diabetes mellitus type 2a Disease that affects every twentieth inhabitant of the Eurasian continent and significantly shortens his life, in fact successful treatment. The essential thing is to comply with two conditions: not to run and not to overdo it, not to run to extremes.


is it Possible a full recovery?

the Nature of diabetes mellitus of the second type lies in dysfunction of the liver. Therefore, treatment aimed at the symptoms (that is, the elimination of excess sugar in the blood), and not on the cause of the disease, brings temporary relief followed by worsening of General condition. On the contrary, a complex therapy that includes gradual normalization of weight, restore liver function, cleanse the body, you can restore sensitivity to insulin.


treatment Methods

Traditional medicine less and less advised to resort to drug treatment 2типа of diabetes. If the disease was detected in the initial stage, it is recommended that a steady diet and moderate exercise. If the patient later began to sound the alarm, there shall be means (usually oral), designed to provoke the pancreas to release of insulin to suppress liver production of sugar to a certain level, increase sensitivity to insulin in tissues, reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose. Drugs are taken once a day, usually. The lion's share of patients during a medical treatment do not perceive the effectiveness of the pills, so feeding on insulin injections.

it's like running in a circle: an unhealthy liver - diabetes mellitus 2 type - pills - unhealthy strain on the liver - a complication of the disease progresses - increasing number of drugs increases the load on the liver. Therefore, more and more doctors refuse medical treatment, recommending not only get rid of sugar in the blood, and causes that caused the disease. The patient is assigned a diet with restricted amounts of carbohydrates, herbal medicine, exercise (swimming and walking). Practice shows that often it helps to get rid of 85% of excess weight (within a reasonable time, without fasting or quick weight loss) so that the blood sugar levels normalized.


traditional medicine

yoga therapy of diabetes mellitusOld folk remedies themselves are very well established, but they need to be approached with care. Relying only on them (without guidance from the attending physician) can only slow down the disease or even worsen the condition. For example, flax seeds. Some folk healers recommend to eat them to get cured from diabetes of the second type. Actually, linamarin contained in these documents is involved in blocking the absorption of food from the gastrointestinal tract. That is, the patient eats and gets fat, and is recommended for diabetics. But in fact, the patient not only loses weight, but doesn't get the vitamins with minerals due to atherosclerosis and complications of diabetes, renal failure. But the oil from flax seeds (and pumpkin seed oil, decoctions of oat or barley grains, rosehips, and sea buckthorn) is very beneficial effect on the recovery of kidney cells.


Unconventional and modern means

Netradicionali emphasize that the main cleansing agent should be water, and not simple, but structured. In addition, we propose a method of therapy bioresonance (clothing with bio photons).

because even conventional medicine recognizes that the cause of diabetes may be stressful, some healers offer treatment for meditation or yoga. The power of suggestion is very high, so do not underestimate this kind of treatment.