Treatment of diabetes insipidus, folk remedies, how to treat, can you cure?

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diabetes insipidus treatmentto Treat diabetes insipidus, it is recommended conservative methods, but as a supplementary means of maintaining vitality of the organism can act and innovative ways.

conservative treatment of diabetes insipidus includes a number of complex methods that halt the progression of the disease and to maintain in satisfactory condition the body of a sick person. This and diet, and the elimination of the primary violation, which resulted in the development of pathology, and the use of drugs (adiuretin, desmopressin, adiuretin, pituitrin, hydrochlorothiazide, chlorpropamide, etc.). Each of these methods is chosen ill - individually, depending on the cause and rate of development of disease, and susceptibility to certain drugs.

the Most important thing in the treatment diets when diabetes insipidus is a limited intake of proteins and also the minimal use of salt and the exception alcohol. When elimination of the cause of the disease, activities: if the tumor, then surgery and radiation therapy, if the viral or bacterial origin, then anti-inflammatory medications in combination with antibiotics, etc. we Select the drug that most often the analogues of vasopressin, should correspond to the course of the disease and the effect of the application.

the Main thing - not to engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment, as timely access to doctors will help to prevent the development of disease and to suspend its effects. Furthermore, diabetes insipidus is characterized by the fact that masquerades as a variety of other systemic diseases and its truth can only be determined by a specialist.


Treatment of diabetes insipidus folk remedies

To folk remedies of treatment of diabetes insipidus consider the ways in which ease the symptoms of the illness and stimulates the body's resistance to the effects. In alternative medicine apply the herbs, medicinal properties of products, the combination of various kinds of food items. For example, honey in combination with pollen classified as endocrine stimulators, which in a certain dosage even helps to reduce the intake of hormones. Use propolis tincture - a universal antibiotic that fights infection. The use of herbs (ideal to contact a clinical herbalist for personal choice) to achieve the best possible results in the loss of fluid to quench your thirst and recharge the metabolism.

One of the popular destinations in the treatment of diabetes insipidus folk remedies became homeopathy. This method attempts to cure diabetes insipidus with micro-doses of poison and toxic substances, which in large quantities is dangerous to human life. The result of treatment is very slow, but sometimes impressive results.

How to treat diabetes insipidus - the question especially individual, but one should always remember that the untimely reference to doctors dangerous and can cost not only health, but life itself. Unfortunately, to cure this type of diabetes is not yet possible, but medicine and science are moving forward. Perhaps there will soon be cure completely healing this illness.