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During the treatment of diabetes in children the main objective is to achieve maximum compensation of impaired metabolism, primarily this applies to carbohydrates. Experts use oral hypoglycemic agents, diet therapy and insulin.

the Diet should appoint on an individual basis, based on the testimony of the course of diabetes mellitus, patient weight and overall health. If children is a mild form of diabetes or latent diabetes, then the treatment is carried out only through diet.

If there is a complete lack of insulin, then are assigned insulin injections with the aim of substitution. Insulin is assigned when diabetes mellitus juvenile type, severe comorbidity, rapid weight loss, inclinations to ketoatsidozu and hypoglycemia.

For the treatment of diabetes mellitus children are widely used folk remedies. Medicinal plants can be used in combination with a diet, which is used as monotherapy and also together with standard glucose-lowering remedies, but always under strict medical supervision.

Blueberries for diabetes care, in may-June it is necessary to collect blueberry leaves and make an infusion of them, which should take 4-d times a day before meals half a Cup.

the Juice of fresh strawberries need to take 6 points table. spoons in day. During the day we must take one glass of infusion of strawberries, a infusion should use the dried leaves or berries.

Very effective for the treatment of diabetes in children is oatmeal infusion three cups of water will need 100 grams of oat grains. The infusion should be taken 4-d times a day before meals half a Cup.

infusions and decoctionsdiabetes in children it is recommended to take an infusion of Bay leaf - take 10 leaves of Bay leaf and pour boiling water (three cups), let stand for 3 hours and take three times a day for half a glass.

For an infusion from the buds of lilacs need to take 2 table. spoon the kidneys and pour boiling water (200 ml), leave for 30 minutes and give the patient a diabetic child three times a day before meals for 1 table. spoon.

To prepare the following tools you will need to take 20 grams of burdock root, bilberry leaves, leaves of nettle and pour boiling water. Infusion should take three times a day for half a glass before a meal.

Take nettle leaves (20 grams), blueberry leaves (50 grams), black elderberry (20 grams) and pour boiling water. During the day you need to drink 150 milliliters of medicinal decoction.