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Actually Golden mustache for almost a couple of centuries adorns the windowsills and walls, but its super useful for people properties known onlyGolden mustache in the treatment of diabetes mellitus about half a century. The range of its application: from a mere bruises and cuts to ensure a strictly male disease — prostatitis. Use the leaves and juicy stems of the Golden mustache for the treatment of diabetes, which occupies the third place in number of human diseases. In Russia alone, diabetes affects more than three million people.


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of Course, to consult a doctor is necessary, but if the sugar level can be maintained by means of common and safe plants, why not to use them. The point is that ALL the vitamins and flavonoids (substances that activate various enzymes in the body) in sufficient quantities are in the Golden mustache, which helps the body cope with diabetes. If the disease requires insulin usage, Golden mustache is still desirable to take. It contains chromium and this element intensifies the action of insulin.

Golden mustache with diabetes


How to use Golden mustache?

to Use this home healer can be in the form of decoctions, infusions, tinctures. Some of the recipes are absolutely simple: the leaf is crushed, pour one liter of boiling water and infused for days. Then three times a day take a tablespoon for four weeks. Making a week's break, can be repeated treatment sessions.

At the initial stage of the disease helps a lot like this tea: the dry leaves of bilberry (1 tbsp) per Cup of boiling water. The drug is wrapped about half an hour, then added six tablespoons of juice Golden mustache.

it is Known that diabetes is often accompanied by blurred vision. Traditional medicine if you have problems with eyes advises to take blueberry. Because there is such a traditional recipe: a mixture of tea leaves Golden mustache and blueberries (per liter of beverage — 60 g of mixture).

If the application of the Golden mustache appears itching, a whisker before cooking it is advisable to mix with the same strong herbal drug against diabetes, white sash pods of the bean.

Any drugs from the Golden mustache are taken before eating it will take at least half an hour. The most simple application — the daily chewing of the leaves. The benefit is huge: not only treated diabetes, increases vitality, decreases pressure, decreases pain from salts in the spine.

When the Golden mustache might not help against diabetes: