Diabetic treatment with apiculture products

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Apiculture products in diabetes mellitus

The most of diabetics lost their faith and do not believe in possibility to recover as well as in efficacy of medications. They are looking for some alternative methods of healing; well, there are few out there. It was proven long before that apiculture products like bee bread, dead bees, pollen, honey, royal jelly are very positive for the human health and bring the healing effect for patients. This disease itself is not as much dangerous as its consequences, and using of similar products will help to avoid the negative consequences for sure. Also that many scientists believe that phytotherapy is the necessary component in diabetes mellitus treatment.

Healing qualities of apiculture products

What kinds of influence all mentioned products apiculture products have, what qualities do they have? If we speak about honey, it must to be eaten according to the condition of patient, and it has to be ripe and of good quality; by the way, far not all types of honey are good for consumption. For example, the negative effect may have so called "fake" honey, which contains a lot of cane sugar. So-called ripeness of honey depends on its healing qualities. Nectar brought by bees turns into honey in six days. Every next day it may lose some amounts of saccharin as it is split into glucose and fruit-sugar (fructose). Later, the fermentation process may begin and structure of honey will be changed as well as its healing qualities.

Vvarious researches have shown that honey stops the development of microbes and fungus, washes away toxins and poisons, contributes to better nerve system state and also strengthens the heart muscles. Ambrosia or as it is also called "bee-bread" is exceptionally useful because it contains the minimum possible amount of fats, but it is rich in vitamins and minerals such as manganese, calcium, kalium and iron. A product like this improves functioning of stomach tract, sedates the nerve system and protects the organism from other infections. It is better it to be consumed after meals. It is perfect for healing of any diseases, and it may be overcome by royal jelly only, but that substance is made from ambrosia by bees too.

Royal jelly is good for aged people because it improves eyesight and memory, invigorates self-feeling and metabolism. Consuming of this substance will help to gain the weight to any person that doesn’t have it enough and restore the immune system after different diseases that patient had. Dead bees are really “dead bees”, and their dead bodies help in process of immune system recovery. The best effect is observed in case of infectious and allergenic diseases. If we speak about propolis, it is an effective stimulator for suprarenal cortex functioning and it works as a perfect deoxidizer. It kills the harmful microbes and strengthens sides of blood vessels, also it decreases the blood sugar level that results creation of opportunity to stop consumption of most medications.

Next, pollen works as a real anti-viral remedy, it decreases the blood sugar and cholesterol levels, improves the eyesight and it also lengthens the life. Remember that it is very important to know how to use all mentioned products to obtain the maximum possible healthy and good effect.