Treatment of diabetes mellitus by bay leaf

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Diabetes mellitus is a disease, which does not allow any comfort to a patient. There are many preparations, prescribed to a patient suffering from diabetes mellitus for its treatment. However, for some reasons use of some preparations is impossible.

Methods of treatment by using of bay leaf

Bay leaf in treatment of diabetes mellitus Today even doctors advise traditional medicine treatment for diabetes mellitus and patients that suffer from this disease. It is based on use of bay leaf. It has hypoglycemic qualities. In other words, it helps to decrease level of sugar contained in blood.

In order to let the bay leaf to help in the process of treatment, in this case extract should be made properly. There are two main methods of making of extract from bay leaf.

Bay leaf extract making, first method

This method is the easiest one. To make it, we need 10 leaves of laurel, which are added to 3 glasses of boiling water. The water should boil that time. After that extract should stay for 2-3 hours to “have a res”. The healing «drink» is taken in portions of a half glass three times a day. It must be taken before eating only, about one hour earlier. If patient will follow these instructions, organism will start to decrease level of blood sugar.

Bay leaf extract making, second method

Bay leaf in treatment of diabetes mellitusTo use second method patient needs 15 leaves of laurel. These leaves should be added to 300 ml of water. That soup should be boiled around 5 minutes. Then given mixture should be placed into thermos along with leaves. It takes 3-4 hours to get the extract ready. After that, the extract should be filtered and patient has to drink it all during the day. Whole portion of the extract should be consumed during one day only. Treatment course must be repeated for three days. After two weeks of break, this course should be repeated once again.

It is necessary to say that this method brings good self-feeling and healthy shape to patient. For example, diabetics are suffering from excessive sweating. Their skin gets flaccid and turns sallow. Practice shows that it is enough to drink the bay leaf extract to solve this problem, it also normalizes the sweating and returns the a shiny face look, increases patient’s stamina and brings good mood.