Treatment of diabetes 1 (first) type, treatment, how to treat (cure)?

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treatment of type 1 diabetesdiabetes Treatment type 1 is aimed at maintaining normal concentrations of glucose in the blood and involves three basic methods that can help to treat the disease:

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Treatment of type 1 diabetes by insulin therapy, how to treat?

Because in diabetes type 1 the insulin the body is not produced or is produced in insufficient quantities (and only insulin lowers glucose concentration in the blood, turning it into energy), insulin therapy is the main method of treatment of this disease.

Insulin is injected subcutaneously using insulin syringes or dispensers. Blueprint for cure of the disease does not exist, it is chosen individually by the attending physician, based on lifestyle, food, motor activity of the patient. The difficulty is that the level of glucose in the blood can fall, then rise, therefore, the three main pillars: insulin, meals and physical activity must always be in balance. Then the circuit prescribed by a doctor will be able to properly treat the major complications of the disease.

an Important condition for the treatment of type 1 diabetes is control of blood sugar, measuring it eight times a day. Thus, it is possible to determine the suitability of assigned therapy. The physician may periodically adjust the treatment: to change the number of injections, type of insulin (short, intermediate and long-acting). At some point it becomes clear which configuration is best suited to the patient.


diabetes Cure type 1 diabetes with diet how to cure?

Dietary treatment - an auxiliary method in treatment of diabetes of the first type. The food in this disease should not be particularly different from the diet of a healthy person, provided well-selected therapy. It is important to note that carbohydrates, especially easily digested (cereals, potatoes, liquid milk products) rapidly increases glucose in the blood. Therefore, you must carefully calculate the dose of insulin injected before a meal, consistent with the increase of sugar that happens after meals.


Physical activity in the treatment of diabetes 1 (first) type

While walking, cleaning the house, performing exercise, the lower the concentration of sugar in the blood. To prevent a sharp drop in sugar, you should:


In the initial phase of therapy of diabetes of the first type very difficult to get used to a new way of life. But thanks to the combined efforts of the doctor and the patient, the latter will very soon be able on the developed scheme to maintain the normal concentration of glucose in the blood, using the basic method (insulin therapy) and support (dietary and exercise).