Treatment of diabetes mellitus

I-type treatment of diabetesWhatever type of diabetes, the primary goal of treatment is to ordering volume of blood sugar and other components of the body's metabolism, thereby preventing the development of severe, life-threatening complications. Since diabetes is type 2, the features of therapy for each of them will vary considerably. Thus, patients with type 1 disease a mandatory part of therapy - injections of insulin, but for people with type 2 therapy always includes hypoglycemic agents.

The difference between the methods of therapy is associated with different mechanisms of disease development. Is a common problem in the absorption of sugar for human consumption, slowing metabolism and trophic tissue, especially in the extremities. There is something in common in the way of therapy & ndash; diet therapy is capable of holding the value of sugar within certain limits, strictly consuming a certain amount of fat, protein, minerals, carbohydrates and vitamins, based on the person's body weight, age, sex, and physical activity. Necessary and moderate physical activity, reinforcing the oxidative processes of glucose in the muscles, increases blood circulation and nutrition of muscles involved in the training.

Type 1

Treatment for type 1 diabetes includes insulin, individually selected diet, exercise, and special training of the patient self-control. The diet is personalized for each individual patient, based on its physiological needs so as to achieve the orderly distribution of income throughout the day in the body of sugar, which will surely appoint insulin. Diet should be designed in such a way that the consumption of carbohydrates for 24 hours was 55% of total calories, fat - 25%, and protein - 20%. During the day the body, dispose of the same proportion of sugar accounts for different amounts of insulin that should be taken into account, making the diet. And to make sure that the breakfast consume fewer carbohydrates dose than in the rest of the meal.

With the exception of the basic techniques of food, snacks diabetics need to plan a lunch, snack, dinner, second, etc., each of which should be consumed about 5% carbohydrates.

Treatment of I-type diabetes, insulin therapy is the constant reception of insulin because the pancreas does not produce more of its own. When taking insulin, it is important to consider what action is taken medication: a short or extended, and whether the dose needs of the body at this time. Otherwise, hypoglycemia may occur.

Type 2

The treatment of diabetes type 2 always start with the recommendations rigid diet and increasing physical activity. If the therapy of type 2 of the disease has not had the desired effect, then the doctor prescribed to patients receiving pharmacological agents. In diseases light and heavy severity recommend sahoroponizhayuschih reception means, and in case of severe course of disease and insulin.

I-type treatment of diabetesIn the treatment type 2 diabetes tend to:

Usually the treatment of type 2 diabetes begins with monotherapy. Called mono therapy treatment with a single drug. When mono therapy saharoponizhayuschy drug is selected depending on the severity of complications and disease. The decision to change the drug or increasing its dosage, the doctor accepts, based on the analysis of sugar in the blood of the patient.

If this therapy did not bring the expected result, go to the combination therapy, which consists in the reception of multiple drugs. It is worth noting that several medications taken at the same time, are more efficient and less harmful to health than a large dose of the drug mono.