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diabetes is a chronic disease, which to date cannot be fully cured. All unpleasant symptoms whenTomatoes in diabetes mellitus this disease caused by insufficient production of insulin, a pancreatic hormone. Insulin decreases the concentration of glucose in the blood and its deficiency develops painful condition that significantly impairs quality of life. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, do not despair, timely and proper treatment, compliance with all recommendations of the attending physician will help prevent complications, reduce the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

Proper nutrition in diabetes mellitus plays a huge role, because with food in the body receives sugar, for processing and which would require a sufficient amount of insulin. The lowest content of carbohydrates differ vegetables. Let's talk about the tomato.

the Tomato is a berry belonging to the family Solanaceae. Most useful in diabetes, scientists believe, is tomato juice. It consists of malic and citric acids, which have beneficial effects on biological processes in the body. Important and property of the tomato to prevent the agglutination of platelets, as is known, in diabetics there is an excessive clotting, so often leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Tomatoes (tomatoes) in diabetes mellitusUse tomatoes

Quite often elderly diabetics have abnormalities of uric acid metabolism. The content of purines in tomatoes is minimal, so Mature people can include in their menu this berry. Tomatoes also stimulate peristalsis, the work of the biliary tract, thereby preventing constipation and stagnation in the gallbladder.

Tomato juice and tomatoes are extremely useful not only in diabetes mellitus but also with obesity. The caloric content of the berries is only 20-25 kcal / 100 g Tomatoes contain a lot of so-called "hidden fluid", so a lot of them at one time do not eat. It also promotes weight loss.

For patients with diabetes mellitus an important item in the dietary is a glycemic index (GI). This indicator reflects the speed of splitting and conversion of the product into glucose. The glycemic index of tomatoes is $ 30. This is a fairly low level. Slow digestion, steady lifting and lowering blood glucose will help with diabetes to control sugar.

Tomatoes are a gift of nature. Having excellent taste, he is valued not only as food but also prevents complications at different diseases. Do not neglect this berry, and that everything will be okay.