To measure blood sugar, how to determine the level of glucose?

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to measure blood sugardiabetes is very important to be able to correctly measure the level of sugar in the blood, for only the exact result will be able to warn about the deterioration of health and of treatment failure.

the First thing to know is where to do the injection. To measure sugar, best blood taken from the fingertip. If possible, before sampling, wash your hands in warm water, preferably with soap and water. So you can take care of your health and improve the blood circulation in the extremities. To normalize before measuring the sugar is very important, as circulation problems can distort the results, because in the blood decreases the level of oxygen, and this may affect the reaction of the test strip. In order to obtain the correct measure of sugar in blood, after washing be sure to dry hands. It is necessary to ensure that water drops on the fingertips, mixing with the blood, not diluted, thus distorting the test results.

it is Not recommended to compress the finger after the puncture to obtain a drop of blood more. This may change the accuracy of the results, because it will be difficult to identify the sugar because it was mixed with tissue fluid. If the drop is smeared and spread over the finger, you need to wipe it and wait for the formation of a new, lubricated as the drop is absorbed into the test strip. to measure the level of sugarTo correctly measure the amount of sugar, there is no need to drip blood on the middle of the test strip. The absorbent part is on the very tip and man enough to bring it to a jabbed finger and the absorption happens automatically.

If you want the meter to correctly measure the glucose level before operation the compare the codes on the strip and on the device, and if necessary re-encode the unit of measurement. In addition to the comparison code, is to ensure that the strip-lights was stored in a dry place, in a box was tightly closed. Take the box only with dry hands immediately before use. You cannot store the test strips in direct sun or in the refrigerator, the optimum temperature is between +4°C to 40°C. Observance of these rules allows to determine all parameters of the patient, otherwise, a distorted indicator of the level of sugar can cause the aggravation of the disease will be neglected and will begin to develop complications of different nature, growing to concomitant diseases.