Extracts in treatment of diabetes mellitus

Cider vinegar
Badger Fat
Bay leaf
Aspen bark
Shelf fungus
Horse-radish and holy thistle
Diet fiber anti-diabetes


Herbal extractsWhen patient suffers from diabetes mellitus he should not only follow to strict diet directions, but also try to decrease the glucose level by means of herbal extracts out of traditional medicinal remedies or pharmaceutics formulation.

It is easy to prepare an extract from medicinal plants, it is enough to pour boiling water into prepared formulation and let it in the thermos until it gets cold; however, some formulations may be taken hot or warm like useful and pleasant tea.

Extract from blackberry leaves

One of the most effective anti-hyperglycemic plants is blackberry, its leaves are collected in the beginning of summer. Extract made from leaes of this plant must be taken daily in portions of 100-120 ml right before every eating. The same effect may be produced by oats and laurel leaves, yet these are used as the key ingredients of herb extracts.

Herb formulation extracts

Herb formulation extractsAdditional ingredients may be lop-ear roots, chicory leaves, stinging nettle, linden blossom, camomile and elder flowers, eucalypt, dandelion, barbery and mistletoe leaves, herb of beggar-ticks, peppermint and hypericum. The dogrose and hawthorn fruits, pods of beans and peas, berries of mulberry, chokeberry and blackberry may produce a wonderful effect.

As an example of the most effective recipes it is possible to put down an extract based on leaves of bilberry, elecampane, bean pods and chamomile flowers. If to add dog rose fruits, then the extract will be able to increase patient’s working capacity, provide vitamins and improve the taste of the tea.

The key principle of any sugar decreasing extracts is periodicity of their consumption. As a rule, 3-4 times a day, it is necessary to drink a half glass of the liquid before eating so that the organism could intake all healing things of the extract.

Healing effect

Generally speaking, sugar decreasing mechanics of healing extracts is not studied yet, but the mentioned fruits and herbs contain hypoglycemic substances like natural insulin. Some of listed herbs are capable to slow absorption of carbohydrates by the organism, while vitamin B in them is activating the metabolism. Due to natural absence of toxins and constituents, herbal extracts are almost free from side effects, but they still have some counter-indications. Thus, they are prescribed as supporting medications in treatment process in case of insulin therapy as well as standalone recovering therapies in case of light forms of diabetes.