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Tibetan medicine for diabetesTibetan medicine is quite original approaches to the study of various diseases. And treatment methods are completely different than ours. To health there very seriously, so we should listen to the healers from Tibet.

let's Start with the fact that Tibetan medicine does not use synthetic additives and medicines on their basis, to cure the disease. All funds exclusively from natural ingredients, and the recipe passed from hand to hand for many centuries. As treatment method, apply water from local sources, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and others. And they do not cure the disease, they are looking for its causes and combat the root of the disease. Practices of this kind alternative medicine not only will determine the causes of the disease, but also be able to recognize an emerging disease. But how they cope with diabetes?

canons Tibetan medicine diabetes mellitus arises from perturbations of the two constitutions, Mucus and Bile, that there is a violation of the digestive system, as well as the work of the Constitution of the Wind. The first two are responsible for proper nutrition, and the Constitution of the Wind - peace and harmony.

When disturbed these constitutions, it is necessary to take special measures. In Tibetan medicine developed recommendations for nutrition. People suffering from diabetes, Tibetan doctors advise to drink plenty of cold water, do not eat spicy food, fatty meals, sharp seasonings. It is best to include in the diet of raw foods, products from meat and milk. Should abandon bakery products (except those that are made from wheat flour and bran), olives, vinegar. Sweets in moderation and only for the production of which was taken white sugar. Thus, the patient with diabetes mellitus will be able to suppress the Constitution of Bile, resulting in excess weight will disappear.

If the body is Mucus, then it is necessary to drink ginger tea in the mornings and evenings and during the day. In the diet should appear the food on a few, solid products (fresh vegetables). No fried, fatty and too sweet food. Meat - chicken and a little lamb. Also useful for the treatment of fish, to wash down meals are all the same warm ginger drink, but not alcohol. Some wine and very rarely permissible. But no more.

on the Constitution of the Wind, there are advised to stay calm in any situation and try not to provoke conflicts. Because of strong nervous shock, the Wind acts on the Bile, and Phlegm, and they, in turn, begin to work against you.

Nutrition in the treatment of diabetes in Tibetan medicine must be healthy, the portions should not be too large, and their frequency should not exceed 3 times a day. Also it is necessary to properly combine foods, otherwise the body will be hard to cope with them.