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thirst in diabetes mellitusSymptoms of diabetes a lot. But they are divided into two groups, depending on the type of disease. There are common symptoms, which include thirst and dehydration. About the last talk in more detail.

Why is dehydration? The fact that during illness, the body loses lots of fluids, frequent urination, man needs the constant use of water. He needs to constantly eat it to dampen the symptom. If these are isolated cases, then do not worry. Likely, it's just a malfunction of the organism resulting from any circumstances. In the case of a constant thirst, you should consult a doctor and pass all the necessary tests.


From which there is thirst in diabetes?

If a person is healthy, but feels the need in water, it could be triggered by eating too salty or sweet food, excessive sunlight and overheating, or after heavy physical exercise. In this case, do not panic, this is a temporary phenomenon.

In the case of diabetes, profuse urination provokes constant feeling of thirst. People who have diabetes, uses at once two glasses of water to feel normal. But the water consumption for a diabetic - a frequent procedure, and during the day he can drink about 4 liters of water. To any other person for daily value it is enough to drink up to two liters.

in these circumstances, the human body, the patient with diabetes, gives signs that he is experiencing the loss of fluid from what appears in the mouth dryness, if you ran without stopping a couple of miles. And if healthy can make a few SIPS and forget about the unpleasant sensation for a long time, the diabetic will experience such dryness often, even if it is not actively moving, and the temperature of the room or on the street will be normal.

diabetes mellitus is, in fact, the change of metabolism, a disorder of the pancreas, of the blood. The body cannot cope with glucose, which is released, and the sugar level rises. And diabetes we begin to feel thirsty often and just as often run to the toilet.

At the moment there are medicines and methods of treatment, the symptoms of diabetes can be eliminated or reduce. But from thirst diabetics remains only to stock up on water, if they go on the road for a long time or will not have direct access to the water.